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Providing more affordable homes underpins Bolton Community Homes. Recent achievements include: 169 completions in 2010/2011 with 127 starts on-site due in 2012, through £14.7million grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). Between 2006-2011, 544 homes were completed through circa. £30.5million HCA funding. Empty properties have been brought back into use, alternative development vehicles explored and mixed funding solutions such as ‘land gifting’ and ‘front funding’ utilised. 

The unique approach BCH takes to new affordable housing provision involves a single point of contact for the enabling role, for all partners and stakeholders. This provides a co-ordination, facilitation and liaison role, seeing development through from identification of need, to consultation with residents, planning permission and attracting resources. This gives a consistent message to all developers regarding acceptable/best practice in Bolton.

Provision of affordable housing remains a high priority for Bolton and is identified as such in Bolton’s Community Strategy specifically through the prosperous theme, where increasing the provision of affordable housing is a key indicator.  It is also identified as a key action within the Housing Strategy action plan. 

The BCH Development Officer Group meet regularly to discuss the needs and demands of affordable homes and how these can be delivered in Bolton now and in the future.  


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